Brunch gets an unexpected twist in Chef Teena’s three recipe course.

Try something totally out of the ordinary with Chef Teena, whose unexpected and unusual brunch class will leave you both satiated and inspired. Chef Teena brings many years of experience and a flair for combining exotic flavors to the kitchen to offer engaging cooking classes.

This class begins with a flavor packed CURRIED TOFU SCRAMBLE (tofu with bell pepper, mushroom, red onion, spinach and spices). Next, you’ll learn to cook a variety of traditional Indian dishes, including BESAN POORAS (savory vegetable chick-pea based pancake) and MASALADHAR ALLOO (curried potatoes glazed with exotic spices).
Next up, an APPLE CHUTNEY made with a 5 seed mixture.  The meal is rounded out with a sweet course showcasing SOOKI KA HALWA, a classic Indian dessert with fresh berries and nuts.

Class includes complimentary cup of Masala CHAI tea made with Chef Teena's personal homemade spice blend! Note: Family heirloom recipe is 100 years old! See rave reviews for this spice blend on Etsy.

You'll leave the class feeling inspired and ready to cook a delicious vegetarian Indian brunch at home on the weekends.

Cost: $125 per person
Duration: 2 hours