Ever get lost in an Indian grocery store and have a difficult time shopping for recipe ingredients?

Join me as I take you for an educated & fun tour of a local Indian Grocery Store and help you build your pantry with everyday essentials. On the tour, you will learn about dry goods, pickled everything, spices & health, prepared foods, and every South Asian pantry staple. We may even get a sight into the culture; e.g. Bollywood movies & music, clothing, and religious items.


The Indian grocery store tour will be followed by an Indian restaurant buffet that will evoke creativity, ignite the senses, and induce a happy Delhi belly:-) Did someone say samosas? naan bread? curry? lassi? ALL YOU CAN EAT!

Space is limited, so sign up soon for this shopping & gastronomic experience!

Cost: $150 per person, buffet meal cost is included
Duration: 3+ hours
To register email, exploreculinaryarts@gmail.com