Did you know that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular eating lifestyles today? The cuisine is known for being healthy and simple, yet learning about it involves an incredible amount of depth and knowledge of the ingredients and techniques used to create the food.

In this Mediterranean cooking class, Chef Teena will show you how to make a full menu of the most well known Mediterranean dishes. 

In this hands on cooking experience, students will learn how to make:

1) HUMMUS, a chick-pea/garbanzo bean, tahini, garlic, onion and olive oil based dip (Chef Teena actually received an accolade from Chef Ryan Scott of the Food Rush on the Live Well Network for her amazing hummus recipe)

2) TZATZIKI, a greek yogurt, English cucumber, and dill based dip; 

3) VEGETABLE KEBABS, vegetable skewers with cheese, capsicum and red onion 

4)  COUSCOUS, a lemony & minty couscous

5) LAVASH CHIPS, lavash dredged in herbs de provence, oil oil and salt n pepper and baked to a crisp

Come and learn to become an expert in homemade, healthy Mediterranean cooking!

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $125 per person
Email exploreculinaryarts@gmail.com or call us at 888.882.8779 to register