Our "Cooking is Love" Pie Chart:-)

Cooking is 1/3 discovery, 1/3 education, and 1/3 fun!

We make it tasteful.
(power-packed nutrition in every bite)

Welcome to our Explore Culinary Arts program where cooking classes are not created equally! We are a group of chefs dedicated & passionate about enriching your culinary pursuits, in mind and body. We are blessed to live in a community that is so diverse and welcome those who seek the highest quality culinary education & kitchen organization skills, and the most tasty & delicious recipes that add a power punch of nutrition in every bite! So, our goal is to teach cooking to everyone eclectic cuisine, regardless of experience level. We help take the fear, mystery and drudgery out of cooking by building your confidence in the kitchen with our iron clad preparation & organizational methods and culinary philosophy. We strive to teach you how to cook for yourself & loved ones in an efficient & ergonomic fashion that is also dynamic, engaging, and fun. 

Equally important, we are advocates of clean eating with fresh & simple ingredients. Recall the adage, "You are what you eat". The origins dating in the 1800s with, "Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es." ('Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are'.) by Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1826. And, "Der Mensch ist, was er ißt." ('man is, what he eats'.) by Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, 1863/4.  A healthy diet is imperative to our state of mind & well-being; physical and emotional. We can all relate to the perils of poor food choices and imbalanced nutrition. Food integrity and reverence are very important to us, and we will teach you how to cook with fresh, seasonal & sustainable ingredients, whenever possible.  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates  

We make it easy.
(cooking ergonomics)

Our hope is to create a new paradigm shift in cooking where ergonomics, whole foods, and presentation ("you eat with your eyes first"), are embodied.  Cooking is as an art that evokes creativity, excites our tastebuds, fuels our bodies, and can often be therapeutic. We yearn for the day to see cooking an integral part of daily life again. After all, the "kitchen is the heart of the home where meals & memories are made."  And, we are certain you will have a memorable & exquisite experience at our Chef's table in a stunning, state of the art kitchen!

Chef Teena and her team of visiting & guest Chefs offer culinary educational classes with a breadth of diverse food knowledge, preparation techniques, and artistry.  Our class themes vary from food styling & plating, hands-on and/or demonstrations, skills workshops, menu planning, recipe development, kitchen & pantry organization, International cuisine, food & wine pairing classes, garnishing & buffet presentation for caterers, fitness education & mindful eating, and lots more. 

We make it fun.
(corporate events, date night, meatless Monday, girls night-out, etc.)

Our high quality program is designed for cooks of all levels and for almost any occasion, which includes corporate team building, industry professional advanced learning workshops, kids/teens cooking classes, singles dating nights, newly-weds cooking, family night, anniversaries, graduations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, cooking for one, private & special events, couple's night, girl's night out, and lots more.  

Who we are.
(talented chefs)

Cutting edge & well-renowned visiting local Chefs & Restauranteurs share their expertise and passion for the culinary arts while giving back to their communities, via our program through interactive food demonstrations and tastings. Students will have the unique privilege of working side-by-side with creative talents who will share their many insights and stories. It is a priceless opportunity to learn about cooking theories, tricks & tips of the trade, and the ergonomic aspect of cooking.

From Stove to Table, we invite you to create world-class recipes and a sumptuous meal with us in our snazzy & sophisticated kitchen. Every plate is a cuisine-defining balance of sweet & savory temptations prepared and consumed in a congenial setting. The evening’s exclusive gourmet menu is truly a gastronomic experience that doesn't only delight a stomach, but stimulates & feeds the creative mind. It's an unforgettable culinary experience!  

The High End Experience.
(state of the art facilities / family-owned AAK)

We have partnered with the most reputable Kitchen appliance vendor in the space because we believe that the tools are your most important asset in the kitchen. Atherton Appliance & Kitchens (AAK) product suite is built to last, made from quality craftsmanship, and sourced from the best in the world.  So, you will learn to cook in a state of the art facility where household brand name appliances like Wolf, BlueStar, Thermador, Fulgor, Bosch, Gaggenau, and La Cornue are featured. They provide excellent service and we are pleased & honored to be associated with such a fine family-owned business. enjoy life!

We take food seriously
and invite you to cook with us
to experience the love & joy!


Please visit our events calendar for class offerings. To register, simply email or call us at 888.882.8779.