Success Stories a.k.a Food for Thought:-)

Chef Teena and her talented staff spent about four hours teaching the boys in my family the secrets of success in cooking. It was one of the very best evenings we have all spent together. Risotto, chicken, shrimp and other specialties of hers were simplified for us so that we all felt the pride of being expert chefs when the evening was over. Her team was charming and brilliantly led us carefully through some sophisticated techniques as well as giving advice as simple as how to peel an onion without crying. I recommend the experience without reservation.
— Bill Draper (Sutter Hill Ventures)
Today was so so much fun! Our team of eager cooks had the best time in the kitchen and indulging in one of the best authentic Indian meals and delicious dessert! Chef Teena + her awesome crew team were so engaging, helpful and so sweet. They took care of everything, and made sure we had the best time from start to finish...and we also discovered hidden chefs amongst our team :) Already looking forward to going back to cooking more dishes!
— GoogleX (November 2017)
We used Chef Teena for an event with our clients. She is simply amazing! She taught our group how to make an Indian vegetarian feast, which included some really fun hands-on elements where people were able to get involved. We had more than 20 people participate, and Chef Teena managed our group magnificently. She had a very kind and helpful staff with her, so we didn’t have to worry about anything. I would definitely recommend Chef Teena for anyone who is looking to put on a cooking class!
— Morgan Stanley Wealth Management (September 2016)
I’m a professional chef working in San Francisco, I’ve been taking recurring classes with Teena independently to further educate myself in Indian Cookery. I’ve learned a bunch from Teena since starting class and i would highly recommend taking her classes whether you’re an experienced cook or brand new to the kitchen. The pacing of the class is always perfect and the food is all delicious!
— Avish (Private 1:1 Cooking Class Series July 2016)
Thank you so much again!! I shared the photos with the team :) everything was deeeeelish :)
Thanks to you and your team!!
We loved everything — from the cooking, location, to your energy, and of course — the FOOD!
— Andreessen Horowitz (May 2018)
Chef Teena was patient, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable. Our group ranged from novice to intermediate experience, and everyone learned something new. We had to work together, which added to the team building element of the class, but she also split us into two teams, which added a competitive flavor to the class that our group really enjoyed. Plus the food was absolutely delicious!
— IBM and Co. Team Building event (July 2016)
1. Teena is amazing. She works with your strengths and enhances the areas in which you should focus on with instruction & patience. 2. Instructor’s awesome! Chance to interact - awesome! Best event ever. Very interactive, informative & inviting. 3. Teena is genuinely nice and caring. 4. Pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable. 5. I didn’t think I liked Indian food until today! This class changes everything:-) 6. Great - knowledgeable & patient!
— IBM and Co. Team Building Event (July 2016)
Chef Teena was an amazing host for our team building event. Prior to the event she was very communicative and flexible to our needs. Once we got there, she quickly connected with the group and allowed us to work together with her support and direction. Everyone had a phenomenal experience and the food was fantastic!
— Abbott Medical Optics Team Building event June 2016)
My wife and I had a fantastic private cooking class with Teena. The recipes were delicious, and Teena is an amazing teacher. We strongly recommend taking classes with Teena, and will likely do so again.
— Paul & Camille Private Event (June 2016)
1. FUN-EST team building class ever! The food was fantastic. Our team worked hard to prepare the food TOGETHER! It kept us engaged & interested. 2. Made everyone participate, it was great. Super fun!!! Thank you so much. 3. Love that you pitched in where needed but let us do most of the cooking & instruction. Thank you so much! We had an amazing time! 4. It was really fun in the class. Everyone gets to work together. 5. Made us feel like we can actually cook! 6. Chef Teena is very relaxed & easy going. Allowed us to have fun while keeping on task. Thank you so much!
— Abbott Medical Optics Team Building Event (June 2016)
“We loved the class! Chef Teena was a great teacher — so friendly and encouraging. The food was delicious and we can’t wait to try the recipes again at home. Great location too — fun to use such new high quality cooking equipment. All together a wonderful experience. Highly recommend! ”
— Rachel & Sam (December 2016)
Tony and Teena prepared the venue with care and had a whole 5 course menu laid out for our team. Although there were 4 sub cooking teams do to the size of the group everyone worked together and created a fantastic meal. It was easy to jump in and do things under the eyes of experts that you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before.
— Guidewire Software Team Building Event (May 2016)
We were so excited about our cooking class with Chef Teena. Both of us have long been curious about Indian Food but the recipes in our Indian cookbooks were so overwhelming. Teena’s recipes were easy to follow yet the flavors were so intense. Her preparation made everything so simple and we particularly liked how familiar we were with all the spices by the time we left. She also explained how we can make simple substitutions at home when lacking some of the more obscure ingredients. We can’t wait to replicate her recipes at home. Once again, we would highly recommend Teena’s classes!
— Nicole & John (October 2016)
Our team was THRILLED with Chef Teena and the food that they prepared. They came in to work this morning raving about the whole event and were really happy. Thank you so much for taking care of our folks and giving them such a great team building event. If we could get an email of the recipes that would be great - I think several people forgot to take them but would love to have a copy so they can remake the dishes at home.
— Ayasdi Team Building Event (February 2017)
Our team went for a team building event. Chef Teena was able to incorporate a chicken curry into her class to satisfy some meat eaters, and help celebrated a team member’s birthday. She made amazing and authentic Chai for everyone, the location is easy to get to, high end appliances. Our team had a great time, highly recommend.”

”Hi Teena, Thanks for your e-mail and photos! Sorry I had to drop last minute, but the team had a great time, I heard overwhelmingly positive feedback on the event and how tasty the Chai and curry was. Thank you for giving the team such fun times to bond.
— Depomed Team Building Event (March 2017)
Thanks so much for making our team building a special one to remember!
— Google (June 2017)
Hi Teena,
It was a great time! Thank you!
— - Carbon3D Team Building Event (August 2018)
...your team did such an awesome job and took care of us so well. Thank you!
— - Abbott VascularTeam Building Event (August 2018)
Good morning Chef Teena,
Thank you for a great time! The team had a blast and enjoyed learning new recipes. The appetizer especially was a hit! Love the pictures that you shared – will be sure to pass along to the group.
Thanks again!
— Informatica Team Building (September 2018)
We hosted our small company holiday party (~15 people) with Chef Teena and her team. The space was perfect, and all of us got the opportunity to participate in different types of activities associated with learning how to cook Indian food. It was a great team building/bonding activity, and Chef Teena’s team had everything prepared perfectly. They handled our group really well, and every employee had raving reviews. I’d definitely consider booking a class with the same team again.
— Neurotrack Team Building Event (December 2016)
22 of us from Reach Analytics (a local Redwood City tech company) held a cooking/dinner party last night with Chef Teena and Chef Tony (and Teena’s Mom, and four other awesome helpers). From the planning, to the pricing, to the training, to the surprises (a prize and dessert too), to the awesome meal we enjoyed was really a great team event. Everyone was ebullient and the accolades are pouring in from the team this morning as well. We’re a very multi-cultural team and I wanted to do a party for them that would honor that and bring us together in an active way. The dinner was Indian, Mediterranean, and Japanese, so that was fitting. Thank you, Chef Teena and Chef Tony for your hard work and love of your craft.
— Reach Analytics Team Building event (January 2017)
I recently yelped cooking classes for our work team building event and found Explore Culinary Arts. I reached out to a few people, but Chef Teena was so great in her response time, which made me feel excited to work with her. She was able to accommodate our team of 24, which a lot of other places weren’t. Chef Teena provided us with several menu options to choose from and even said we could provide her something we were interested in if not on the options she provided. Very accommodating. Our group decided to go with an all Indian Cuisine, which appeased to both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. She requested a 10% deposit prior to the event, which was very reasonable and payment options were very easy to work with. When we arrived at the location yesterday, it was beautiful. She had 2 tables set up for the group with wine glasses ready for us and the kitchen we cooked in was top of the line. It’s inside Atherton Appliance, which is a show room of high-end cooking appliances. Because we were such a big group, she hired a few assistants to help her as well as a special guest Chris, who showed us how to make Naan bread and Chicken Tikka. She started out with a nice ice breaker and then we were divided into several groups in stations around the kitchen. Some made chutney, some made naan, some made chicken tikka, and others made a chickpea dish. Everything was clean and fun to work in. Once we all finished, we sat down to feast on our labor. Chef Teena and her assistants all brought out beautiful plates of our meal that we prepared and served us. She provided water too. You are able to bring your own beer & wine to enjoy during the event, which we did. After we had our nice lunch, we all gathered around the wood fire oven to watch a demonstration of flambeing bananas, which was cool. We were provided with a chai tea and our dessert which consisted of a pear cake and bananas foster. Another cool thing is that Chef Teena hired someone to take photos of our entire team during the day. I haven’t seen the photos yet, but they are coming. It’s nice that we have something to help remember the fun day we had. Overall, it was an amazing day. The team loved it and it brought us all together to do something so fun. We will definitely come back to Chef Teena in the future. I would highly recommend going to her for your team building events. You will not be disappointed. A big thank you to Chef Teena and her team.
— Intuit Team Building Event (August 2017)